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NDT                              (Non-Destructive Testing)

At and below ground level in lighting columns and similar structures, there is an environment rich in moisture, chlorides and oxygen.  It is therefore easy to see why this type of environment promotes the corrosion of steel structures.  Coupled with the high stress points at ground level, any loss of metal thickness in this area can significantly reduce the strength of the column and in some cases, even lead to its collapse.


Unfortunately, for those involved in the lighting and highways industry, this corrosion is often below ground level and previously could not be detected without expensive excavation.


At Cortest, our NDT services provide accurate detection results by Visual Inspections and the use of the specialised non-destructive inspection system, ColcheK™ and ultrasonic technology. 


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The benefits of NDT

The real benefits of non-destructive testing come into effect when an ongoing programme of inspection, corrosion monitoring and remedial works is put into place.  Cortest recommend an inspection cycle to monitor the following structural defects as categorised in the inspection report:


  • possible corrosion

  • cracking

  • surface defects
  • core shift
  • misalignment, loose, missing or incorrectly installed bolts and washers
  • exposure to corrosive substances

  • water ingress


When identified in good time, remedial measures can be undertaken that will extend the life of the column.

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